The Lesser Known Facts of Ramana Maharshi

The Lesser Known Facts of Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi experienced the fear of death at the tender age of 16 which set him out on the path of self-discovery. He left home with merely five rupees in his pocket to meet his higher consciousness and lose his ego. He wanted to merge with God. There are some lesser-known facts about him that make him all the make endearing.

Lucky persona

He usually won any game he played. He was into a lot of sport growing up. Be it football or a race, he won! His friends had all nicknamed him lucky due to his winning streaks.

Sound Sleeper

Sound Sleeper

When he was a child, we would slip into such deep sleep that even a blow to his head would not wake him up. After his enlightenment, he explained that he achieved such deep sleep due to a sleep-related sadhana in the past life.

Reading two books on spiritual enlightenment

One book was Periya Puranam which was the life story of 63 Saivite saints. His home was close to Meenakshi temple and his heart was always there. He would become emotional whenever he would see the statues of those saints.


It was his uncle to introduced him to Arunachala and he was awed as he believed that it was a truly magical place. He felt the Holy Mountain pulling him. In his lifetime, he has written many hymns for Arunachala and he considers it his guru.

Love for the animals

In this ashrama, there were samadhis for a crow, a deer, a cow and a dog. He let his followers know that both animals and humans were liberated alike. The monkeys and the squirrels were drawn to him and it seemed as though he could communicate with animals.

True sacrifice

True sacrifice

He took all the bad karma of his devotees and due to that, his body took a toll. There were many who would want to touch him to get rid of their scenes and these people had to be kept away from Maharshi.  He never recommended sanyasa to everyone. He suggested that self-enquiry and surrender can the done from wherever they are while performing their daily duties.

In conclusion

He promised his disciples that he will always be around and that it is only his body that is leaving this mortal place. Some even claim to see a meteoric light merging with the Arunachala hill at the time of his death. He had the ability to transmit the truth silently. He could answer the queries of his followers with just a gaze.

Ramana Maharshi